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Are you Focused on the Right Rate?

John Jurkovich (The Broker Builder)
December 12, 2023

Why potential Home buyers should be focused on a rate but not the rate that you might think.

Do you have Clients waiting for mortgage rates to come down before shopping for a new home?

What do you say to them?

How do you help them see that now is a great time to buy?

It is pretty easy to make little videos like this together and help each other educate potential clients.

Make it a team thing. We all need things to talk about and we all want to do more business.

Here is the sheet:

Try the sheet out here!

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John Jurkovich (The Broker Builder)

My name is John Jurkovich aka "The Mortgage Broker Builder". I've been building mortgage companies and running sales teams for the last 3+ Decades. I recently decided it was time to take my knowledge and experience to the world of Bankers And Brokers so we can grow the future of the mini broker!

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