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Simple Trick To Get More Done Daily

John Jurkovich (The Broker Builder)
November 17, 2023

🤔 Are you losing your marbles? 😆Probably! Our brains are wired to respond to positive reinforcement and visual cues. So why not use marbles to hack your productivity?

For $3 at Walmart, you can get a bag of 50 marbles. Put them in a jar on your desk. Each time you complete an important task, transfer a marble to another jar. Work Open to Done. Watching your “done” jar fill up gives your brain a little rush of dopamine. It’s like Pavlov training it with a bell! The visual reminder keeps you motivated.

Before you know it, you’ll have a pile of marbles representing completed to-dos. It’s incredibly satisfying. 👏So treat yourself like a lab animal and use marbles to form better work habits! You can even organize them by color – cats eye for top priorities, Jumbo for exercises done. Get creative.

It’s amazing how such a simple tactile tool can boost your focus and sense of accomplishment. Don’t lose your marbles – use them to gain productivity superpowers! Please Repost if anyone in your networks could use this hack.

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John Jurkovich (The Broker Builder)

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