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What is stacking mortgage fees? Can I roll in you closing cost? Finance them?

John Jurkovich (The Broker Builder)
October 24, 2023

Stacking fees? Should you be stacking fees or not? 🤔

That’s the question we’re all asking ourselves these days! I put together a quick video walking through a few scenarios on how stacking fees can set you apart. 🎥👇

The key is positioning yourself as an expert, not just someone offering the same generic service as everyone else. Think outside the blue suit box! 👔💼

By providing a variety of Different Options, you become an invaluable partner versus a transactional vendor. 🤝


This builds trust and loyalty with clients. The market is tough now, but advisors who know about stuff can still thrive! You don’t have to get beat on these programs but you do need to be curious and learn about them. #mortgagebroker #mortgage #loanofficer #stackingfees #dscr #nonqmloans

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John Jurkovich (The Broker Builder)

My name is John Jurkovich aka "The Mortgage Broker Builder". I've been building mortgage companies and running sales teams for the last 3+ Decades. I recently decided it was time to take my knowledge and experience to the world of Bankers And Brokers so we can grow the future of the mini broker!

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